Welcome to Four Seasons Dog Walking in Edinburgh!


Unfortunately myself and my family have now moved!

Good news though! Four Seasons Dog Walking is still open in Edinburgh and under new management! Please contact the wonderful Struan Dewar via the new Four Seasons website:


Thank you!






*Continuously working towards further qualifications in my field such as Canine Behavior, Motivation and Positive Reinforcement certificates.

12 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Great job, great video, where was that you were walking the dogs, I have two Labradors and they would love that place (I also live in Edinburgh) usually I go to hermitage, observatory or the braids

    • Thank you for your comment, I think that you would perhaps be just out-with my pick up area unfortunately. The furthest that I pick dogs up out towards your area is around the entrance to The Dell (Redhall Walled Garden). I am very sorry that I cannot be of more help. Kind Regards, Andrea.

  2. Hello

    We have a labrador called Red and he is needing excercised a couple times per week.

    can you please let me know iof your prices. We live at Murrayburn Gardens.


    • Hello,

      Thank you for your enquiry. I am afraid I am full at the moment and unable to take on new clients. Sorry I cannot be of service to you at this time. Kind Regards, Andrea Beveridge

      • Not in the slightest. I used to pick dogs up from Redhall Avenue and Murrayburn Road until they both moved further afield. It is within my catchment area. I am, as I said, just currently at full capacity.

        Kind Regards,

        Andrea Beveridge

  3. Andrea. I am looking for dog walking for a week in October for my cocker spaniel snoop. He is well behaved but likes attention! I am also looking for cover as and when for emergencies etc. Are you able to provide this service. I like in Craigleith View but work in Glasgow so it would be more day care than just an hours walk if that’s possible. Chris

    • Hello Chris, Thank you for your enquiry. I am very sorry but I am afraid I am currently full and unable to take on new clients for the foreseeable future. My apologies. You are also sadly outwith my catchment area, I am based in Morningside and Slateford. You can find links to other walkers in my links column. I also recommend trying ‘The Directory of Scottish Dog Professionals’ page/forum on Facebook. Best of luck in your search. Kind Regards,
      Andrea Beveridge

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