3,2,1 Launch….

This is the very first entry on my brand new website ‘Four Seasons Dog Walking’.  Even though I have not quite completed the rest of the site yet (working on it!!) I couldn’t wait any longer to put up our first blog post!  This blog will document our walks and share the daily fun and frolicking  that my four-legged clients experience with me and my two dogs Gus and Molly.  You can also expect to see photographs and videos of our walks and well as some training and of course the more chilled out times when everyone is snuggled up at for a nap or at the end of a long day. This blog is a fun way for everyone, most importantly for the parents of my pooches, to see what they have been up to that day. You will also be able to follow our antics on our Facebook page….which I also promise to have up and running just as soon as I can! Enjoy folks! :))

To begin with I will introduce some French friends who we dearly miss! This is Boris! Doesn’t he just make the perfect addition to our pack! There was no chance of stealing him away though, he is his Daddy’s whole world.

Tessy Bear, this beautiful little girl used to be a lap dancer in her previous life, or at least that’s what her Mum says! She LOVES cuddles and will not take no for an answer. Her favourite thing is to switch between laps at dinner parties, to maintain optimum clapping ;))

Lovely Milo who came for a visit on his own every morning……and at least another four times during the day! He is the biggest Border Collie I have ever met!! I think that secretly he was a Labrador wearing a Collie costume 😉

Minnie Milo!! Also so known as Chopper!

Miss you guys!!
Love Andrea, Gus and Molly Xx


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