Another day free of rain…

I’m liking this weather!! Please don’t change!! We had a lovely walk today, blue skys (freezing cold!!!) and dry as a bone. Happy days…

We met a few other dog walkers today and all everyone could talk about was how great the weather is 🙂 Like minded people!

Blue skys 😀 Stunning..

Ahhh!!! Giant frenchie!!!! 😉

Love the Airedale/Frenchie shadows…

Dappled sunlight, happiness…

Camouflage doggies 😉

Thick as thieves these two…

Such a pretty girl 🙂

I was so impressed with this yesterday. Ella, clever girl that she is showed the rest of the gang a good watering hole in this fallen down tree. All the other promptly followed her example and jumped up for a drink.

Showing Smudge where to drink, thanks Ella!

And now for some crazy poodle wrestling in the leaves!

Get him Ella, hehe…

Back at my Mum and Dads for some lunch and a cuddle from Smudge, what a sook 🙂 xx



Woohoo! Finally a day of just frosty goodness and no rain!! Perfect dog walking conditions today, for the winter that is! We had lovely Ella with us again today, her confidence continues to grow I am happy to say! She was a bit concerned leaving her house but once we hit the woods her tail was straight up in the air and wagging, just the way I like it 😀 Molly is still a bit scary for her (big dogs I am told are not her favourite) but she absolutely loves scampering around with Smudge and Rambo. Gus does not scamper so much as plod but she seems to like him too 🙂 Spending more time walking with Molly will in time help her to see that big dogs are not scary either. After all who could be better for her confidence than a dog that was once more anxious and scared than she is!

On another note we have lost two balls in two days 😦 Including our fancy new rubber cage ball that I was beaming about in the previous post. I had a special throwing moment and somehow managed to get it stuck in a tree. Grrr….. Back to the pet shop!!

Wagging tail! Good girl sweetheart!

Something interesting happening to the right haha!

My pretty (slobbering slightly) girl 🙂

I love Ella’s face in this photo. “Eh, what are we sitting for guys??” Gus and Smudge are no fools, they know I have biscuits in my pocket!!

“Smudge and Gus told me you had biscuits in you pocket, is that true??”

‘Mr & Mrs’ xxx

View from the top.

Yeah your right Gus, the view is much improved with you in the photo! 😉

Best photo of the day!!!



Saturday night in with friends…

We had the lovely Cocoa with us this Saturday just for the night whilst her Mum and Dad went to Glasgow for a night. We have known Cocoa since she was a puppy and we love her loads! She is a very high energy girl, ‘Wired to the Moon’ I believe is the expression hehe. Gus, Molly and Cocoa are fast friends and it is great to have her over for visits 🙂

A typical Cocoa face 😉 To quote her Dad, “The worlds most intense dog.” hehe

Queen Cocoa on her throne! Do you have enough cushions My Lady?

The more to snuggle with the merrier!

Gus and Smudge are having a love affair these days. Gus has never been so willing to share his Mum with another boy 😉 He really must like Smudge to give up my lap for him!

Ball Games…

I have discovered my favourite ever dog ball! (Thanks to my very good friends Pete and Isla for introducing me to it!) It is big enough so there is no danger of it being swallowed, but it also allows short-faced breeds (like Gus!) to grip it properly so he can join in with the games too! Its light and squashes flat, easy for cramming in your pocket. One last benefit which causes me to rate it higher than tennis balls, the dogs can’t pull it to pieces as its made of pretty sturdy rubber! Mind you I’m sure it’s not indestructible and I know a few strong pups out there who could still make short work of it haha.


This is Rambo’s ” Throw the ball!!” face 🙂

Come on, throw the ball!!!

Gus likes this ball A LOT because it means he can entice the other to play tug-o-war, his favourite!

You could at least make it look as though you are trying Molly 😉

A bit more of an even match between Gus and Rambo!

Oh my goodness its a miracle! Gus actually won! I think Rambo is just being nice hehe.

Doesn’t stop Gus from gloating though…