Can you see us?

I have been a bad blogger today! Took my camera out on the walk and then completely forgot I had it!! Such a shame,I’m really annoyed at myself 😦  Smudge, Molly, Gus and I met loads of lovely dogs today. We even met Oscar and Zizou, two lovely Frenchie brothers who have grown so much since I first met them as tiny puppies! They are both looking awesome, with great personalities to boot. They were much more fun than grumpy-boots Gus, who today was acting like their boring uncle hehe. So many photo ops….I was just too distracted by all the doggie shenanigans 😉

On the up side my new leads arrived, yey! I’m in Hi-Vis heaven now hehe. Just waiting on Molly’s coat and the Hi -Vis bibs and then we will all be well and truly kitted out!


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