Winter Safety…

It’s freezing!!! Edinburgh sure knows how to do cold dark winters 😦 Many dogs have perfect winter coats and have no problems in dealing with the wind, rain and snow. For those however that need a little extra protection from the elements I recommend this coat. It not only keeps the worst of the weather off their backs but the lining also reflects up to 90% of their body heat. Hi-vis yellow may not be the prettiest colour ever but it does make your dog very visible to people, cyclists and cars. It’s great for those early morning or late evening walks as you can spot them a mile away and so can everyone else! Gus has had his for over a year now and it still comes up sparkling in the wash. Molly’s is being delivered this week!

Even better this website has them on sale, woop woop!


(Petlife, Flecta Hi-Vis Dog Jacket, Thermally Insulated)


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