Veterans Day, 4-legged heroes…

French Bulldogs and other K9’s played a small but undeniably important role in World War I and II. As regiment mascots they would act as ‘trench runners’ in World War I, delivering packages, medical supplies and messages but most importantly, providing comfort and boosting the moral of the troops.

Dogs like ‘Mutt’ (below) delivered cigarettes and comfort to soldiers. During his time as the mascot of the 11th Engineers he was injured twice.¬† At the war’s end, rather than being left behind as many K9 mascots were (a thought I personally find almost too horrible to bear) Mutt was smuggled onboard a ship and returned safely to New York.

Other bull breeds were just as highly valued as trench runners and some, like the famous Pit Bull Terrier Stubby, became highly decorated for their bravery in the trenches and for the service they provided for their troops. Stubby is in fact the mostly decorated dog of World War I. His achievements include capturing a German Spy singly handedly. He also provided early warnings for artillery fire and would bark to draw paramedics to wounded soldiers. A truly remarkable K9.


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