Smiley, happy faces…

We had a newbie with us today, the lovely little Binky. Binky was very shy to begin with, understandable when she has never met me before! After a few minutes of walking though she was all smiles. She also had her best friend Smudge to help convince her that I was one of the good two-leggers! By the end of the day Binky was snuggling up to me, which put a big smile on my face!

After her initial shyness Binky is all smiles! And what an amazing smile it is! So full of character.

Smiles all round today!

Awww, I am SO disappointed that I did not take this photo correctly! It was so cute watching Smudge and Rambo carry this big long stick together!

Little bit of tug-o-war!

We like it when its dry! Stay away rain clouds!



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