Ball Games…

I have discovered my favourite ever dog ball! (Thanks to my very good friends Pete and Isla for introducing me to it!) It is big enough so there is no danger of it being swallowed, but it also allows short-faced breeds (like Gus!) to grip it properly so he can join in with the games too! Its light and squashes flat, easy for cramming in your pocket. One last benefit which causes me to rate it higher than tennis balls, the dogs can’t pull it to pieces as its made of pretty sturdy rubber! Mind you I’m sure it’s not indestructible and I know a few strong pups out there who could still make short work of it haha.


This is Rambo’s ” Throw the ball!!” face ๐Ÿ™‚

Come on, throw the ball!!!

Gus likes this ball A LOT because it means he can entice the other to play tug-o-war, his favourite!

You could at least make it look as though you are trying Molly ๐Ÿ˜‰

A bit more of an even match between Gus and Rambo!

Oh my goodness its a miracle! Gus actually won! I think Rambo is just being nice hehe.

Doesn’t stop Gus from gloating though…


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