Saturday night in with friends…

We had the lovely Cocoa with us this Saturday just for the night whilst her Mum and Dad went to Glasgow for a night. We have known Cocoa since she was a puppy and we love her loads! She is a very high energy girl, ‘Wired to the Moon’ I believe is the expression hehe. Gus, Molly and Cocoa are fast friends and it is great to have her over for visits 🙂

A typical Cocoa face 😉 To quote her Dad, “The worlds most intense dog.” hehe

Queen Cocoa on her throne! Do you have enough cushions My Lady?

The more to snuggle with the merrier!

Gus and Smudge are having a love affair these days. Gus has never been so willing to share his Mum with another boy 😉 He really must like Smudge to give up my lap for him!


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