Cheeky monkey…

Me,”Eh no Gus….that certainly does not count as you still technically being in bed!”

Gus,”Aw come on! This totally counts!”



Nom, nom, nom….

The gang enjoying a little chew time!

Rambo makes short work of his bone….you’ve done this before clearly 😉


Of course Molly gets a slightly bigger one!

Aw honey….look at that soggy beard!! Some one will need a face wash after this!

Eh Gus….the point is for you to take it, not to get me to hold it for you!!

(PLEASE NOTE: Chews and/or bones are only ever given to my dogs to chew under close supervision and there is always a fresh supply of water to hand.)

Smiley, happy faces…

We had a newbie with us today, the lovely little Binky. Binky was very shy to begin with, understandable when she has never met me before! After a few minutes of walking though she was all smiles. She also had her best friend Smudge to help convince her that I was one of the good two-leggers! By the end of the day Binky was snuggling up to me, which put a big smile on my face!

After her initial shyness Binky is all smiles! And what an amazing smile it is! So full of character.

Smiles all round today!

Awww, I am SO disappointed that I did not take this photo correctly! It was so cute watching Smudge and Rambo carry this big long stick together!

Little bit of tug-o-war!

We like it when its dry! Stay away rain clouds!


We may be wet, but we don’t care!!!

Knock knock! Smudge are you ready for your walk?


I want the ball!!

Is it my turn yet?

I must say Rambo looks awesome in his new blue equafleece!!

Yes you look very dashing indeed 🙂

Smudge flying through the air! Not a paw on the ground!

Is that your tongue Rambo!! My goodness……hehe

Gus watches on as Smudge and Rambo chase the ball. Looks a bit like too much hard work for a Frenchie!

Bit wet are you Smudge?? Still looking happy!

Molly’s hunter stance….

Soggy but happy aren’t we 🙂

Last but not least my favourite photo of the day!!!

A little art fix….

You may not know this yet guys but I am also an artist. My life is more doggie than arty at the moment but I do like to keep up with it as much as possible. If you are interested here are some of my latest drawings! I am taking on Christmas commissions at the moment, feel free to email me with any enquiries! Check out my website too, there are a lot more drawings to nosey through!