Christmas presents…

Well the weather has warmed up but that just means it’s now wet again instead of frosty! Boo…bring back the cold I say! I’d rather walk in the frosty air than in the pouring rain! Oh well, whatever the weather we still manage to enjoy ourselves 😀

The dogs received their Christmas presents early this year…just because 😀 And boy, I think I picked the right toys! They LOVE them, in particular a little orange Space Hopper I picked up at Tesco. The Space Hopper is such a success that it has now been designated for walks only, as a motivation reward toy. Gus especially has become very focused on it, it is probably only the second toy that he has ever been motivated by without loosing interest after five minutes! He is chasing it consistently, bringing it back, dropping it for me etc. And he carries it everywhere in-between, very cute.

Smudge still loves the Cage Ball but Molly and Rambo are all about the football! So today John and I were throwing/kicking three different balls! Talk about co-ordination skills! 😀

Gus and his new Space Hopper, he’s not putting that bad boy down for no one…except me!







Rambo and Molly still prefer the football 🙂



Having fun Marvin?






And after a big walk everyone just wants to chill out, including me 🙂

dogs on christmas hols


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