A day with the girls…

My lovely boy Gus was at the vets this morning having a little operation to remove a small lump so it was just Ella, Molly and I today out on the hill.  Poor Gus, he hates the rain and then as soon as he can’t make the walk its beaming sunshine! Still chilly but glorious weather today, finally no need for the waterproofs!  The girls and I had a very relaxed walk, we played fetch and Ella improved massively with dropping the ball when asked to 🙂 Such a clever girl! Molly was never one for playing fetch but she did enjoy a gallop around with some new friends…

Looking for squirrels in the woods…


You can’t fool us, we know you carry biscuits! Gimme gimme…



Just look at that blue sky!! Amazing for January!!


Can’t resist a little Ella portrait 🙂


Molly’s favourite thing in the world, meeting new friends! Right Mr Jack Russel, assume the position!


Pleasantries over with its time for a game of chase! Molly is always happy to play either part, the chaser or the chased!



Such a pretty dog, and he was very up for playing with both Ella and Molly. Always a pleasure to meet other well socialized dogs 🙂


We pause at the top for a drink…


Molly with the wind in her…ahem…ears 😉




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