Back to The Dell…

The Dell is one of my favourite walks in Edinburgh. It is a nice loop of woodland with no steep inclines and it features a number of open grass picnic areas as well as swimming holes for the dogs.  Even better it is away from any roads and although I have seen the odd horses and bike on the trail it has only been once or twice and I have been taking my dogs there for over two years.

We enjoyed a lovely long walk today, we left nice and early so that we could catch the morning sunshine which has all but disappeared this afternoon. There was much chasing of the ball, which sadly ended when someone (not naming any names!) dropped the ball into the Waters of Leith. It tumbled away down stream much to the disgust of poor Cocoa, it was her favourite! Not to worry honey, I’ll get you a new one for tomorrow!

Molly in her new Hi-Vis vest looking every part the wild doggie 😉


Cocoa has already had a dip in the Waters of Leith…one brave girl!



Come back here with my ball Smudge!



Smudge and Cocoa both grabbing 30 seconds of rest from ball chasing…


Gus being his usual handsome self! “I’m sexy and I know it…”


Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball…


Down by the river for a drink/dip.


The Three Amigos!



That all important part of the walk…stopping for a biscuit…


Ella enjoying the change of scenery…she loves the water!



Teddy bear…



My favourite photo of the day!!


Ella decided after finding a pile of irresistible fox poo in the woods that maybe she didn’t really need to keep up with the pack anymore! This resulted in my appointing Gus as her chaperone for the remainder of the walk. Of course he was a perfect gentleman and even let her lead….most of the time!




Back at home dried and already about to doze off, ah…its a dogs life!



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