Unexpected snow fall…

We had an unexpected snow fall on the walk today and the dogs were gripped with snow fever! Rolling around making dog snow angels and chasing each other madly! We met a lot of other very happy dogs today who all had the same reaction. Its conclusive, dogs love snow… 🙂

This photo is in the running for the cutest photo that I have ever taken of Smudge!!


Cocoa Bean in her gentle leader…


Molly’s beard is full of snow,super cute… 🙂


A wintery parkland…


Gus is not so impressed with getting snow in his eyes!


I have to say that the ‘Snood’ I recently purchased for Gus is totally amazing!! More on that later!


Check out the crazy snow faces!



This lovely Samoyed was up for a bit of fun in the snow! Doesnt she look beautiful 🙂


Meeting more friends up on the hill…



Ella is steaming up my camera hehe…


As more snow clouds roll in Edinburgh turns very blue!


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