A night with Achie and Geena…

Sorry about the space between posts folks, my family had a bit of a drama to content with these past few days in the form of our roof collapsing in the flat we were renting! We have had to find a new flat to rent and move in just one weekend!! Stress…. However we are now in our nice new flat in Morningside which includes a ceiling I am happy to say!

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting for Alison and Ray, who’s two adorable chocolate labs Archie and Geena could not have been more welcoming. Their two kitties Tiger and Nia were also a true delight to look after. I had the loveliest time and very much hope to see them all again soon.

Archie does something to make you laugh about every 30 seconds! He is a real character!


Archie is also a ladies man… šŸ˜‰


Geena is the sweetest girl, both dogs could take a whole load of loving and cuddles. What a wonderful job I have!


Comfy Archie?


Geena follows suit!


Nia and Tiger took a little while to win over šŸ™‚ Typical kitties need a bit more time to make sure you are trustworthy. I think this might be Nia’s sceptical face!


Patience is the key though and I had them up for a cuddle before long!


Life is hard aye kiddo šŸ™‚


And my favourite photo of the night….

‘Even though Tiger was found hovering over the body at the scene of the crime she still to this day maintains she is innocent of Archie’s murder…’



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