Back to the Dell…

Having my car sorted means we can now visit more parks and experience different walks, yey! Big smiles all round! Today we went to one of my all time favourite walks in Edinburgh, The Dell. This wonderful looped walk offers everything a doggies could ask for! Open fields to run around in and chase the ball, woodland to scurry through and sniff out squirrels and watering holes perfect for swimming in, what more could we possibly need 🙂

Flying Ella!


Ahhhh….out in the woods, I love it!



Dogs in a row!


The Dalmatian that you can see in this photo stole our ball today. It happens, doggies don’t know any different, it’s a ball and they like balls :).  However I ran after the guy who he belonged to who was just cycling off shouting ” Hello, excuse me please, your dog has our ball can we have it back please? Hello?? Excuse me, can you hear me?? Can we have our ball back please??” Etc etc but he completely ignored me!! He was not that far away either. Soooooo rude!!! I still can’t believe he just ignored us and left! Rant over…


Ella testing the waters 🙂


Cocoa is straight in there!


To think Ella used to be timid around Molly! Now she is like her big sister 🙂 Molly is like everyone’s big sister!


Who said that boys are braver than girls!! Smudge and Rambo are not going in that water haha…


And then just as I say that Smudge goes in to prove me wrong!


Well done Smudge 🙂


Wee bit wet are you now lad? 🙂


Rambo is not convinced and stays on the bank!



Cocoa shaking the water off 🙂 Look at the droplets!



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