The mountain goats…

Blackford Hill is one of the most beautiful walks in Edinburgh. If you have not been there yet then definitely go check it out! There are many walks that range from pretty vertical mountain tracks to nice cruises along the river bed. We covered them all on Thursday and my pack just proved again how agile and full of energy they are especially on the craggy cliff faces. This crew truly are athletes and more than capable, they just eat up the distance no matter how challenging the terrain. It is a joy to watch them.

Down in the vally for a dip for starters before heading up, up and up!


Nearing the top of one of the ridges, Cocoa and Smudge have not stopped for a seconds rest! Boy do these dogs have a lot of energy!


Smudge trying to tempt Molly into playing chase 🙂



Ella and Molly playing with a lovely Golden Retriever.



Cocoa and her pretty golden eyes 🙂


Can you spot Ella the mountain goat? She may be cute and fluffy but she is a machine at eating up tough terrain like this. She covers distances like this in seconds!


At the top 🙂






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