Blue skies…


The weather was simply stunning today, it was just blissful in The Dell…



Lots of happy sunny portraits today.

P1150695 P1150696

Of course there was lots of swimming today as usual. When Cocoa first hit the water I swear I could hear her sizzle 😉 The lovely chocolate Collie in the water with her could have been Cocoa’s brother! They looked so similar 🙂

P1150698 P1150699 P1150700 P1150702 P1150704 P1150706 P1150708 P1150711

Wet Bean Weasel 😉


Look how good the pack are at waiting in the car…




All dogs should be taught how to wait like this until they are invited out. This logic not only applies to cars but all doorways. An open door should not mean dashing through. It is easy to teach and just requires repetition and patience. Here are the gang demonstrating how its done! Good dogs!


Our new Hi-Viz bandannas have arrived, woohoo!! Thanks to Jen at Doggitude Fashion!



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