Easter Sunday…

Phew this was one of the busiest Easters I have had in a long while! First off this morning we met Alison with Geena and Archie for a walk at Cammo Estate, a beautiful park featuring both open fields and twisty nature trails. The doggies were happily bounding around greeting all the other Easter Sunday morning walkers and their dogs! The sun was out and the park was fast filling up as we were heading out after a nice circuit of the estate. Sorry to say that I chatted all the way round and clean forgot that my camera was in my bag!

After a spot of lunch with Mum and Dad it was then off to Portobello Beach to meet the wonderful Frankie and his equally as lovely owners Martha and Jen for the first time. Frankie is absolutely amazing! One of the fittest and fastest Frenchies I have ever seen! He ran around that beach like a bullet from a gun keeping up with big Black Labs, Poodles, Jack Russells and even Speedy Gonzales Ella πŸ™‚ Ella thoughΒ  she was in dog heaven as Frankie was more than up for a good game of chase. Frankie even managed to get Gus to play for a second or two, and believe me that takes a lot of encouragement haha! I joked about how we should have called Gus Victor after Victor Meldrew! I did remember to take at least one or two photos but we were having way too much fun to be distracted with the camera for too long!


Gus, Frankie and Molly having a sniff about. I think this was the only split second that Frankie stood still for πŸ˜‰


Oh no, one more second of standing hehe πŸ˜€


Well I don’t know about you guys but I am totally wiped now, shall we retire to the office for admin work? Oh ok, I can do it from bed if you insist? They look pretty insistent huh? hehe….


Eyes closing….





Happy Easter everyone xxxxxxx


Easter weekend…

I am having the best Easter weekend! It has already been fun seeing friends and visiting the Edinburgh Tattoo Convention at the Corn Exchange but it has been made even better by the fact that I am getting to share it with so many lovely doggies!


It was a little busier than usual at The Dell on Friday, not that this lot noticed they were so busy fishing for their ball in the river! Smudge was very brave and even stuck his whole head under the water to retrieve the ball! Now that’s giving it your all!




Back at my parents for lunch and the lovely Lola (aka Stitch in our house!) has come to join us for a few days.


What a beauty this little rocket is!


Friday night and its Frenchie snuggle time!


Today (Saturday) we picked up Ella who will also be crashing for a day or two. We had a lovely evening walk up Craiglockhart Hill and in contrast to yesterday there was hardly a soul around! We had the whole hill to ourselves πŸ™‚ It was very pretty and peaceful. Back at home I set about preparing dinner for everyone, yum yum!


Waiting patiently for their food, good doggies…



After a walk then dinner we all have a little rest on the sofa, here is Ella with her big teddy friend Molly πŸ™‚


Lola claims a prime spot next to me, rub my belly human! Ahhh….thats nice πŸ™‚


Ball junkies…

Cocoa Bean and Ella ran the equivalent of a marathon today up and down Blackford Hill chasing their ball. Thank goodness someone invented the ball throwing device, other wise my arm would be hanging on by a thread!

We met Β many lovely dog owners today and their dogs, including a beautiful family group of friendly Dalmatians πŸ™‚ It was very cold as usual but the dappled sunshine made the Edinburgh sparkle. I love this city…

Arthur’s Seat from Blackford Hill…


Rocky paths…no Cocoa I will not be throwing the ball here!Β P1160163

Ella the mountain goat!

P1160167 P1160169 P1160171

Top of the world…


The gang are totally awesome at waiting for me to put their leads on, as soon as I put my bag on the floor they all happily come over for cuddles and biscuits whilst their leads are clipped on. Then they wait patiently until I put my bag back on and then its off to the car. Such a delight to walk these guys!


Cocoa is totally pooped now! It takes a lot to tire out the bean weasel (one of her many nick names)!


Woodland sculptures…

Some busy-bees have been putting up some lovely sculptures on Craiglockhart Hill πŸ™‚ They are lovely! I hope this means that the development of most of the area into flats is not going ahead!



Ella in her new red harness, work it girl πŸ™‚




Water babies and a pink pig…

My goodness this bunch were just full of it today! I jogged pretty much the whole walk just to keep them running and burn off some of that enthusiastic energy! I think that they are just all so happy to see each other after the weekend haha! These guys are such a bunch of water babies too! Freezing cold water does not deter them at all, I have to actually encourage them away from the water after a few minutes as I don’t want them to get too cold, but they just can’t get enough! I can’t wait for the summer when I can finally get in their with them and splash around πŸ™‚

Running full pelt through the woods…



Ella, Rambo and Murphy all trying to drag a branch out of the water at the same time! While Cocoa limbos underneath haha…


Good face Gus…


Ella and Cocoa brave the rapids (not actual rapids obviously!)


Molly is the only one not interested in getting her feet wet!


Ella is practically swimming, I recon her and Smudge will be competing with Cocoa by summer time!


Cocoa is still the resident champion swimmer…


These two would have had beautiful babies! Sigh…



Rambo getting in on the action…


But not quite ready for the deep parts!




Murphy and his prize…


Gus chose a pink pig from the pet shop today and then spent and hour tearing it apart tonight, he is well chuffed with himself hehe!