Spooky walks in the fog…

Well we knew it was too good to be true with the weather! Everyone has agreed that in August we will be looking back and saying, ‘Do you remember how nice it was for those three days in March?!’ That’s Scotland for you haha! I am sure we will be have a few more nice days lurking in the future, for the moment though we are putting our layers back on and facing the weather like true Scots 😉

We met the most lovely dog owners and walkers today up on the hill. Despite the spooky atmosphere created by the foggy woods everyone we met was smiling and happily chatting away. The big topic at the moment is the Edinburgh City Council Licence requirements for professional dog walkers which has just come into effect. Four Seasons Dog Walking has of course applied for its licence and it is on its way! Yipee! Every professional dog walker I speak to on a regular basis has happily agreed to the code of conduct set out by the council, it does not include anything that we were not already doing truth be told! After all, we like to take pride in being respectful and responsible dog walkers. We love Edinburgh and we love the green spaces, we spend everyday out in the open enjoying what this wonderful city has to offer and that includes the weather hehe!

Soggy pups waiting for a soggy biscuit!


Gus and Ella star in ‘Wuthering Heights’…


Crystal eyes…


Ball time??


Spooky woods! Ella is not afraid, bring it on!


Ah Hi-Viz I love you…not loosing these guys anytime soon!


Ok the walk was good but from the look on my two’s faces its sofa time now!



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