New paths….

Well it is the end of another week, they really do just fly by! We had an adventurous walk up Craiglockhart Hill today, managed to find an alternative route that was a little slippy but very pretty none the less!

I feel like this weekend should be given over to some quiet laziness (Molly and Gus are very much in agreement that weekends are for catching up on some shut-eye!) but we have a Frenchie walk to attend on Sunday at Arthur’s Seat yey! I will definitely get my energy levels back up for that, lots and lots of happy Frenchies πŸ™‚ Nothing quite like the sight of ten plus Frenchies running round like a bunch of mad-hatters! Photos to follow of our Sunday outing! Have a great weekend everyone!

P1150934 P1150936 P1150937

The new route down….slightly steep but nothing the doggies can’t take in their stride! It was a little more tricky for me haha!

P1150938 P1150941

The route down came out into some beautiful woodland just above the path, so pretty πŸ™‚ Treat time…

P1150942 P1150945

Smudge dashing back to me on request, good boy πŸ˜€

P1150946 P1150948

Lunch visit with Maud, the adorable little monster hehehe. We had an awesome time with my football today, it starts…..Bulldogs and footballs, its like a match made in heaven!! Maud was also brilliant today with sitting and waiting for her lunch. I have a little video of her progress which I will post soon, hopefully tomorrow πŸ™‚



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