Ah I knew I had spoken too soon, sadly today the Blue ball I was telling you about yesterday (that I was so proud of not loosing for two years!) floated off down the river, despite Ella, Smudge and Cocoa whole hearted attempt to catch up with it! They really gave it their best shot but the water was just too fast sadly, swollen from all the snow melt. Sad times…Ah well, c’est la vie!

The gang waiting on e to invite them out of the car, doing me proud 🙂


Ella’s soft little face, such an elegant girl.


Cocoa also have a lovely soft face, must be the spaniel in them both!


So nice to see a little bit of blue sky!



Sunshine Molly! Soak it up!



Smudge’s confidence is growing week to week in the water. We will have him swimming by the summer!





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