Ball junkies…

Cocoa Bean and Ella ran the equivalent of a marathon today up and down Blackford Hill chasing their ball. Thank goodness someone invented the ball throwing device, other wise my arm would be hanging on by a thread!

We met  many lovely dog owners today and their dogs, including a beautiful family group of friendly Dalmatians 🙂 It was very cold as usual but the dappled sunshine made the Edinburgh sparkle. I love this city…

Arthur’s Seat from Blackford Hill…


Rocky paths…no Cocoa I will not be throwing the ball here! P1160163

Ella the mountain goat!

P1160167 P1160169 P1160171

Top of the world…


The gang are totally awesome at waiting for me to put their leads on, as soon as I put my bag on the floor they all happily come over for cuddles and biscuits whilst their leads are clipped on. Then they wait patiently until I put my bag back on and then its off to the car. Such a delight to walk these guys!


Cocoa is totally pooped now! It takes a lot to tire out the bean weasel (one of her many nick names)!



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