Easter weekend…

I am having the best Easter weekend! It has already been fun seeing friends and visiting the Edinburgh Tattoo Convention at the Corn Exchange but it has been made even better by the fact that I am getting to share it with so many lovely doggies!


It was a little busier than usual at The Dell on Friday, not that this lot noticed they were so busy fishing for their ball in the river! Smudge was very brave and even stuck his whole head under the water to retrieve the ball! Now that’s giving it your all!




Back at my parents for lunch and the lovely Lola (aka Stitch in our house!) has come to join us for a few days.


What a beauty this little rocket is!


Friday night and its Frenchie snuggle time!


Today (Saturday) we picked up Ella who will also be crashing for a day or two. We had a lovely evening walk up Craiglockhart Hill and in contrast to yesterday there was hardly a soul around! We had the whole hill to ourselves 🙂 It was very pretty and peaceful. Back at home I set about preparing dinner for everyone, yum yum!


Waiting patiently for their food, good doggies…



After a walk then dinner we all have a little rest on the sofa, here is Ella with her big teddy friend Molly 🙂


Lola claims a prime spot next to me, rub my belly human! Ahhh….thats nice 🙂



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