Cramond Beach…

First visit to Cramond Beach today, muchas fun playing football in the surf with six of the coolest dogs. Two big Terriers, two big Labs, a Frenchie and a Cockapoo. Turning heads for all the right reasons, all the dogs were brilliantly well-behaved on the beach, polite with every dog and person they met. Recall was brilliant, getting in and out of the car brilliant, walking on the lead all together brilliant, I just had the biggest smile on my face for the whole walk even though it was FREEZING! I’m literally living one of my biggest dreams….


Geena and Archie loved the football. Archie carried it the whole way, dedication! These guys are so intelligent I didn’t even have to ask him to ‘drop it’, all I had to ask was, “Do you want me to throw that for you?” and he would drop it at my feet. Labs who understand the English language… Oh and by the way this is only the second time I have walked them. Seriously well-mannered smart pooches. 🙂




Murphy and Ella investigating the rock pools…


Surf dogs…


Murphy made friends with Achie and Geena quickly, he is very good at socializing with other dogs. A seasoned pro!


Ella was very taken with Geena. Geena is a gentle loving girl much like Ella. Perhaps that’s why they bonded so quickly, very similar souls 🙂


I dunno guys…do you really think that stick is big enough??  Murphy was actually gutted we had to leave this behind, he made an attempt to go back for it!


I think Murphy though he had hit the jackpot with all the drift wood! He would find one and carry it until he found a better one a few feet in front then swap! Too many to choose from!


Geena, sweetheart of a dog!


Archie’s big tongue blowing in the wind hehe!


Maud’s Mum has a few weeks holiday now so I won’t see Maud again until April. I will miss her loads! I bet she will love having her Mum at home though, they will have so much fun together. See you soon baby Maud xx




Ah I knew I had spoken too soon, sadly today the Blue ball I was telling you about yesterday (that I was so proud of not loosing for two years!) floated off down the river, despite Ella, Smudge and Cocoa whole hearted attempt to catch up with it! They really gave it their best shot but the water was just too fast sadly, swollen from all the snow melt. Sad times…Ah well, c’est la vie!

The gang waiting on e to invite them out of the car, doing me proud 🙂


Ella’s soft little face, such an elegant girl.


Cocoa also have a lovely soft face, must be the spaniel in them both!


So nice to see a little bit of blue sky!



Sunshine Molly! Soak it up!



Smudge’s confidence is growing week to week in the water. We will have him swimming by the summer!





The battle for the blue ball…

Today was most definitely an improvement on yesterdays weather, I have never been so soaked in all my life…..well ok it may have just felt like that! Even the pooches had had enough after about twenty minutes of crazy running around!

Today the snow was gentle and even though there was an epic amount of mud I managed to stay upright! The doggies had a blast today, we met loads of our friends up on Craiglockhart Hill and they played with the blue squeaker ball for well over our usual hour. What can I say, that’s the power of the blue ball! It’s the only toy that has survived for two years in our toy box and remains a firm favourite of Gus’s especially 🙂 He was very kind to loan it to the others today!

Marvin is king of the hill!


Smudge saying, ‘Get the ball out, I know its in your bag!’


Gentle snow fall 🙂


The Blue Ball game begins!


Cocoa trying to keep it out of the others reach!


Marvin’s turn!



Now Rambo is on the run with it 😀


Smudge telling me that Marvin has had a long enough turn hehe 😉


Back in the warmth Maud and I played with the kong today, as usual she quickly figured out what the point of the exercise was! Hit and nudge the kong and food comes out! Oh yes, sorted!





Scottish weather = Rain, sleet, hail and snow all at once, brilliant…

The weather has been truly awful this weekend! Unfortunately it was no better today! Sleet, rain, snow and hail all at once, only in Scotland! I can’t lie, I am very happy to be back in doors today! Though the walk most certainly cleared away the Monday morning cobwebs 🙂

Playing with a new friend…






It’s not fun unless you make it move for me!


The ball disappears into the jungle…


New paths….

Well it is the end of another week, they really do just fly by! We had an adventurous walk up Craiglockhart Hill today, managed to find an alternative route that was a little slippy but very pretty none the less!

I feel like this weekend should be given over to some quiet laziness (Molly and Gus are very much in agreement that weekends are for catching up on some shut-eye!) but we have a Frenchie walk to attend on Sunday at Arthur’s Seat yey! I will definitely get my energy levels back up for that, lots and lots of happy Frenchies 🙂 Nothing quite like the sight of ten plus Frenchies running round like a bunch of mad-hatters! Photos to follow of our Sunday outing! Have a great weekend everyone!

P1150934 P1150936 P1150937

The new route down….slightly steep but nothing the doggies can’t take in their stride! It was a little more tricky for me haha!

P1150938 P1150941

The route down came out into some beautiful woodland just above the path, so pretty 🙂 Treat time…

P1150942 P1150945

Smudge dashing back to me on request, good boy 😀

P1150946 P1150948

Lunch visit with Maud, the adorable little monster hehehe. We had an awesome time with my football today, it starts…..Bulldogs and footballs, its like a match made in heaven!! Maud was also brilliant today with sitting and waiting for her lunch. I have a little video of her progress which I will post soon, hopefully tomorrow 🙂