Oh my goodness, its stopped snowing!!!!

SUNSHINE!!!! Ok its still pretty darn cold but hey, I will take today’s weather gleefully after these last few months of snow, sleet and hail!

Guess what, Smudge swam properly today for the first time!! He has had a paddle or two before now but today was the first day he actually swam out after the ball, I was so excited for him! I even managed to get it on camera…just! I have a witness as well just encase his Mummy does not believe me 😉 My Dad David joined us today for a cruise around The Dell. Smudge was less than enthusiastic to repeat his swim after he made it back to shore, I don’t blame him at all as the water must still be very cold indeed. But this does cast potential for more swimming this summer….if we ever actually get a summer that is! Come on Scotland, warm up for goodness sake!!! 😉

Happy Fraggles 🙂


Running free on the range ;D



My Dad David enjoying the sunny stroll whilst the doggies sniff and potter about us…


More sniffing and happy pottering…


Proof of a swimming Smudge! And picture me on the bank shouting, “Go Smudgy boy go!!! Woohoo!!! Good Boy!!”  The passers-by must have thought I was a bit special hehehe 😉






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