Tuesday/Wednesday catchup…

So sorry folks for crunching these two blogs posts together! I have been getting home quite late these last few nights and once I have fed the doggies, then myself, then tidied, then bathed I am pretty much cream crackered!! I have however managed to finish a drawing (yey!) and will post that up once I have had it scanned properly 🙂 Anyway on with the doggie antics!!


Well on Tuesday I had four whirlwind doggies!! They were all so hyper, even the other walkers in The Dell were laughing as Murphy, Rambo, Ella and Smudge whizzed passed at a million miles an hour! I still managed to get a few photos though on their rare moments of sitting 😀


The boys chasing each other up and down the hills…


Ella cooling her paws…


Rambo’s super happy face haha!




Love this photo! Definitely one for the album…



Today we had little Binky join us for the walk. Binky has  been out with us once before. She must have had good memories of her walk with us all those months ago as she was much less shy this time around and even though it was a bit wet and muddy today it didn’t stop her smiling!

Oh is it biscuit time already smudge?


Ehh….hang on, where did you come from? Your not part of the group haha. A happy waggy rogue biscuit taker hehe 😉 Its Cocoa’s boyfriend!





Little Binky roughing it with the other big dogs 😉


Lunch time with Maud, we have so been enjoying our cuddles!


Err Maud honey, that’s my shoe! Your toys are behind you cheeky, hehehe 🙂


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