Flood Water…

We lost yet another ball in The Waters of Leith today which was quite swollen by all the recent rain. Cocoa did however manage to find one orange ball, one orange plastic duck and a football in the water!! I think she was over compensating for having lost the one ball haha!


Ella with the pink ball before it was lost…




Gus’s face just cracks me up, “Feed me biscuits woman…now!”



I swear Maud grows at least three centimeters every night! She looked huge this morning even compared to yesterday!


“Put that camera down and play with me!”


This is the lovely Heuy who is with us tonight and tomorrow for Night-Care whilst his Mum and Dad are at work. Huey is a lovely sweet natured boy who has been very quiet and cuddly after giving the house a thorough sniffing, I guess he must approve! He is a sofa loving munchkin !





One thought on “Flood Water…

  1. Great pictures of all your wonderful dog walking/pet sitting animals! Love the Frenchie’s face! It is great that you allow animals into your home. I wish I could do that for some of my clients, but I have too many of my own so wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing more in. I think they would be much more at ease being in a home environment!

    Good luck in all your future jobs,


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