Silly Sausages…

A quick catch up on Friday night to begin with, here is Heuy who found a prime spot on the bean bag!


And darling Maud who wouldn’t stop all night!! She was soooo determined not to sleep! Here she is ‘resting’ her head, in complete denial that she is in fact shattered!


Monday morning and sadly the glorious sunshine from Friday has frittered away. It was however still a lovely day. My camera was sadly still charging this morning so I could not take photos of our morning walk however by this afternoon it was ready to take out. So here is Lochey, Gus and Molly having a ball at Arthurs Seat!!

Lochey I have discovered loves a good game of tug-o-war and is very motivated by it so I brought along the sausages on a string for the walk. They proved a hit as you can see!



Lochey has won Molly over, although friendly with all dogs Molly is not usually up for playing, she is more of a sniffing and milling about kinda pooch! Well Lochey got her all fired up, it was great to see them playing together!



Still carrying the sausages!


I know we are supposed to be walking but rub my belly….just a quick one!


Molly and Lochey being silly together!


Love this photo!



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