Frankie is one awesome dog. Don’t tell the others but he is fast becoming one of my favourites! He is so sweet and in a lot of ways easily influenced by the other dogs! He is also incredibly loving and wins even the most stern dog over. He plays like a puppy, full of enthusiasm and innocence. Gus and Molly both like him, in fact I think he becomes closer with Gus as each day passes, after all he likes all the Frenchie games like ‘Chase me!’ He makes me laugh out load with his daily antics. He gives awesome cuddles and kisses and I love how he likes to sleep under the covers with you in the morning. He has a home with us any time. A joy to have as a companion. Frenchies rock…

Frankie has also taking a liking to Gus’s old bed 🙂 Cute…


Frankie likes his dinner, yum yum 🙂



But nothing can beat being snuggled on the sofa with a blanket and your friends…


Gus, Frankie and a toy box = happy frenchies!!


Formula for a happy Frankie;

Fill toy box
Frankie empties toy box
Fill toy box
Frankie empties toy box
Fill toy box…..




Gus and Frankie playing tug-o-war 😀






I am supposed to be writing emails when suddenly I realize that I have been playing with Frankie for like 25mins!


Don’t stop!





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