Tuesday and Wednesday sunny mornings…

The weather has fluctuated quite a lot the last few days, luckily we seem to have caught the best of it these last two mornings! I am sure one of these days we will get drenched in the one and only rain storm of the day! But for the time being we shall just say thank you to the weather gods for being so kind!

We have met lots of lovely walkers this week, professional and general alike. The doggies have had loads of fun playing with new friends!

Olly meets Cody (a doggie who we meet regularly with his Mum in The Dell)  and they are instant pals! Olly is such a softy, but he has lots of energy (as a youngster should) and as he is really rather massive!! He really does need another big doggies to wrestle and tumble about with. My little ones are up for anything and definitely give him a run for his money, but nothing quite beats another big dog who can match his strength for a good old game! Luckily we meet many a big playful doggie on our walks for him! Here he is being very submissive for Cody 🙂



Having lots of fun!



Time for a drink…



The Black Panther shining in the sun, look at the size of that tongue hehe!


Wednesday down by the water…




Olly and the sausages…



Mr Heron looking on warily!


Smudgy boy swimming for the ball!! He has totally cracked it now! Woohoo! Well he was not about to be out done by Cocoa hehe 😉




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