Welcome to the beautiful Lenny who will be joining us once a week on Flexi-Walks.

Lenny did really well today on his first walk, especially considering that he has separation anxiety and so is quite anxious about being away from his wonderful Mum, who rescued him from a very bad start in life (via the wonderful Scruples Whippet Rescue!).

We are going to work slowly and steadily with this lad, giving him as much time as he needs to trusts us and understand that walking with us is all about fun and good stuff! Also that he will indeed be going home again after the walk! Not back into a nasty kennel we promise Lenny! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We made a very good start today. After five/ten minutes of gentle praise, cuddles and encouragement we had softer facial expressions, a relaxed open mouth, more relaxed eye contact and more interaction with the other doggies. He also began taking treats (a stressed dog has no interest in food). All in all a very good beginning for a sweet gentle dog.




Feeling more confident already and struttin along with Molly ๐Ÿ™‚


Gus on Arthurs Seat…King of Edinburgh aren’t ya fat heed…


Gus and Maud earlier today, being very polite during some basic training.


Play time after training! I am gutted this photo is blurred!!! But it is still really funny!!


Molly getting out of the line of fire! Molly dogs don’t do bulldog games!


This morning at The Dell…




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