Four Seasons in One Day…


The weather today was totally crazy!! We got caught this afternoon in a flash hail/rain storm . It was so crazy, the dogs (Molly and Lochey) were freaking out with the wind and hail stones so I hunkered down with my back to the wind and sheltered them against the worst of it until it passed. Yup that’s me, the human shield for doggies ha ha!! Can’t imagine what other people must have thought!! I don’t really care though, Molly was not a happy girl and as soon as I put my arms out she rushed into them and pressed her head against my chest to hide from the hail stones. Bless her! Lochey then pressed himself against her other side, such a gentleman! Back home, dry clothes, heating on, blankets!!



A quick catch up from this weekend. Winston joined us for Day-Care on Saturday. Don’t let these next photos fool you, we spent the morning running around the hills in the rain. We earned these cuddles in bed!

Winston with my partner John. He loves John, all dogs love John! He is just one of those people…





I had two walks this weekend with this lovely boy. Tostig…such a beautiful boy! Though he was not the biggest fan of the camera! I had to take about ten shots to get just one where he was half looking at me. Very camera-shy, bless!



Not impressed by my attempts to take a photo of his looking at me! He was far too sensible for this nonsense 😀



A very intelligent, clever and well-balanced dog. His owners have done a brilliant job with his training and socialization. It is especially impressive considering how challenging this breed is. Intelligent and high energy (as a generalization) this is not a breed for the faint hearted.  He is now my number one favourite Husky!



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