Sneaky summer…

Well this weekend has been a total bust weather wise!! And after the glorious promise of Friday’s sunshine I think we are all feeling rather blue now 😦 Oh well, here is a look back at my walks on Friday, at least we can say we made the most of it while it lasted!

Archie enjoying the sun and of course his beloved football!


Little Binky soaking it up…


Smudge’s Mum Lucy (and my very good friend!) joined us for a little beach stroll, much to Binky’s delight! Binky LOVES Lucy 😀



Partners in crime Lochey and Winston. Arthur’s Seat was gorgeous and roasting on Friday. We met many lovely people and doggies, the boys played and ran and played and ran. Lappin it up…


Molly after jumping into the wrong end of the duck pond to cool down :/ It took John and I half and hour to wash off all this gunk in the tub once I had got her home!! I was laughing my head off when she did it though, I don’t think she expected it to be that deep!





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