Winston returns :)

I forgot my camera again on Friday morning, doh!!! Luckily I managed to sneak back to my flat and pick it up for the lunchtime/afternoon walk.

We were very happy to have Winston back with us after a brief time off due to illness. Everyone was delighted to have him back! Wintson’s mum also told me today that he has reached his target weight of 30kg!! Well done Winston! And doesn’t he look amazing!!

P1170541 P1170543 P1170544

Winston has both toys! Get him Maud!


Molly was very happy to have her wrestling buddy back teehee! 🙂

P1170549 P1170550 P1170551

Holyrood with Lochey, Winston and my girl….


Lochey the Lion, I swear he has grown a few inches since Monday!

P1170558 P1170560

Lochey and Winston are so evenly matched now that I am surprised the frisbee doesn’t just tear in half!

P1170562 P1170565

Having a rest and a chat, ‘So Winston, any big plans for the weekend pal?’  😀



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