Just for fun…

I have been collecting some of my most favourite dog photos from the web and though it was about time to share the funnies 🙂 Enjoy folks!


WTF are you!!!

animals-that-dont-suck-29 animals-that-dont-suck-46 dog-day-afternoon-47

What bed? I have no idea what you’re talking about…

dogs-all-day-02 dogs-all-day-12

Typical Frenchie wrestling move!

dogs-and-doggies-37  adorable-awesome-derpy-dogs-4

Darn, I almost had him that time…

dog-day-afternoon-481 dog-day-afternoon-241 dog-day-afternoon-07

For all of us out there who think we have naughty dogs the next few photos will make us feel better!

dog-day-afternoon-21 dog-day-afternoon-33





I have a lot of respect for working dogs…



And last but not least…



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