Borrowed sunshine…

Woohoo!! A little bit more sun today πŸ™‚ We were very much enjoying the rays this morning and at lunch. Though my goodness the flies on Corstorphine Hill today!!! Aaaarrg!!! So many, we were constantly being swarmed by them. Not so fun. I wonder if the combination of lots of rain then sun has caused a hatching sensation… I even got bitten on the neck by a Horse Fly! When Noah was letting the animals in two by two surely he could have stopped the Horse Fly and said, ‘Eh….sorry your not on the list!’

Sun shining in The Dell…

P1180396 P1180398

Olly’s best biscuit face!


Smudge, you have so many seeds in your fur! If a watered them you might have a mini-forest growing out your face πŸ˜‰

P1180405 P1180411 P1180412

This photo made me burst into laughter!! Hamish’s Hyena impression….

P1180415 P1180418

Kobi looking handsome :))


Hector’s best biscuit face!

P1180422 P1180423 P1180429 P1180425

Just as I finish writing this blog post I realize that only Olly is beside me on the sofa and so I go to see what the others are up too, and this is what I find….

Three sleeping doggies competing for the only patch of sunshine in the bedroom!!



Olly’s weekend in Biggar…

This weekend we took a trip out to visit our friends in the beautiful Scottish countryside and of course the whole family came along. We also had Olly with us yey! Olly divided his time between running around in the wilderness and snuggling up to anyone who would have him! He just craves human contact all the time! A big black panther he may be but he is all gooey and soft on the inside πŸ˜‰

John and Olly playing ball in the back garden…

P1180360 P1180362 P1180366

Squishing himself onto the sofa beside our friend Charlotte….Olly needs cuddles….


Out exploring the surrounding forest tracks….

P1180369Β Β P1180373 P1180375 P1180377 P1180378 P1180383 P1180389

After our walk we return back to our friends cottage for tea and home-made bread, yum!! Gus is a bit put out that none are heading his way… Pleeeeeeeaaaaase????


Here comes the rain…

Sigh, I miss the sun already!! It has not been the most ideal photography weather this last week, and this week has started out much the same 😦 I guess it would be too much to hope for that the rain clouds will give way to more glorious sunshine by the end of this week…..this is much more the Scottish ‘summer’ weather we are used too sadly!

The doggies and I have been out braving the rain for the most part. But we have also called it quits quite a few of the afternoons when there really was a super heavy downpour in progress!! WE opted instead for some lovely treats and play/nap time in Auntie Andie’s house! Much better than getting soaked!

Hamish scoring the best bed in the livingroom…mine!


Hector not settling for anything less than my lap…


Kobi exploring the toy box.


What the heck is that face Gus?!!

P1180313 P1180315

I’ve decided (not surprisingly) that I like the bone you have Gus….Gus? Did you hear me??



P1180319 P1180321

Everyone on the sofa…

P1180326 P1180336 P1180338

Snuggle days with Winston…

P1180346 P1180347 P1180350 P1180351




Well it was bound to happen, I have now acclimatized to the heat and am now dreading it going away!!! Which of course being Scotland it inevitably will have to 😦 Waah! Every time I hear someone Β complain about the sun and asking for rain I am like, ‘SSSShhhhh!!! Don’t say that!! This is the best summer ever!’ One of the reasons I think this is the best summer ever is that is is warm enough for me to go swimming with the dogs! I was loving splashing around with my guys at both Cramond Beach and The Braid yesterday. Its lovely to be in the water, I just love wild swimming anyway. It is made even better when you can play with dogs at the same time! I did get some odd looks from the public yesterday, ‘What? Have you never seen a lady swimming with four dogs before? You know you wanna jump in here and cool down with us!’ Hehehe πŸ˜€

Geena enjoying the water…

P1180260 P1180258 P1180261 P1180262 P1180263

Hamish having a paddle…

P1180265 P1180269 P1180263

Yey, swimming! I’m coming in too guys πŸ˜€

P1180273 P1180274 P1180278 P1180281 P1180276

Gus says, ‘This is how friggin hot it is today!!’ Audible sizzle……

P1180282 P1180286 P1180289

Lochey enjoying a good old splash around!

P1180290 P1180292 P1180291

As long as there is water this is GORGEOUS weather! And long may it continue!!!


Birthday wishes….

It my gorgeous boys Birthday today. He turns a big 30…in doggie years anyway!! To us he is just three and still a little cheeky devil. We love him so much and really could not do without him. He is my boy…

P1180236 P1180210

Today was another roaster.I am actually starting to think this may be the apocalypse…it has never been this hot in Scotland for this long!! I can’t complain though, it is lovely to have an actual summer!

P1180213 P1180216 P1180220 P1180223 P1180224 P1180229 P1180228 P1180231 P1180232 P1180237 P1180238 P1180240 P1180247 P1180248 P1180252 P1180253 P1180257