After a long pause…

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Well that was a slightly longer blog- pause than I intended! After my wonderful holiday up in the North of Scotland (photos to follow!) I returned home to a very sad broken camera card. Last week I was awaiting my new one arriving which it did just in time for Friday’s walk. unfortunately I couldn’t upload the photos before the weekend as I was rushing off with my other half to the Kelburn Garden Party. If you haven’t heard of that look it up, and go next year!!! It is SO much fun!!

Anyway the weather uncharacteristically continues to be simply spectacular! I don’t think we have had a summer like this in over a decade. It’s crazy! Very much appreciated though….no complaints from the Scots who are all soaking it up and turning pink.

‘Taps aff….’ (translation for non-Scottish folks, ‘Tops off….’ hehehe)

Friday in the daisies and buttercups with Ella, Archie, Geena, Hector and Winston…P1170890P1170896P1170898P1170899P1170892P1170905P1170880P1170902





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