Cooling down…

Ahhh, much more like it today! The sun is nice for one day but quite honestly I am far too Scottish for this 29 degrees malarkey haha 😉 It was nice and over cast for the doggies today. Both the morning crew and the afternoon team were on top form. We met a lot of nice doggies and owners out in the parks and just had an all round nice day! Poor Winston somehow managed to cut his paw along the way, feel better soon Booboo!! xxx

P1180025 P1180034 P1180035 P1180037

Cant beat this stunning scenery…

P1180040 P1180042

Olly you are hysterical!!

P1180043 P1180051 P1180052 P1180053 P1180050 P1180044

Such a solid team of dogs, this is what a good pack dynamic looks like folks.


Two headed beast! hehe….

P1180057 P1180059 P1180060

Afternoon crew searching in the grass for dropped biscuits…all except Winston who has forgotten where he dropped the frisbee! Its behind you buddy 🙂

P1180062 P1180065

Back at Auntie Andie’s for treats and a chilled out afternoon…… this photo makes me laugh, HELP, Zombie Dogs in my Kitchen!!!! Hahaha 😀




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