On tour with Smudge and Ella…

This weekend John and I headed down to Stoke-on-Trent to visit with family and took the lovely Ella and Smudge with us. They were perfect angels throughout the drive and when meeting all the family members including their two dogs Poppy and Mabel. The were just fantastic companions on the trip and we had the best time ever together! Everybody loved them and compliments were showered down on them about how sweet, calm and well-behaved they were. Smudge and Ella are quite literally, little stars!

Ella all snuggled up on their bed and secured in to the doggie seat belts, safety first!



Are we there yet??


Running free after the drive in Poppy’s back garden…ahem field!



Nice digs Poppy!


Off to meet Mabel next…’Hi Miss Mabel!’


Enjoying a pit-stop and some lunch under the trees…


Sunday is a good beach day!


Getting some love from Ella!





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