Birthday wishes….

It my gorgeous boys Birthday today. He turns a big 30…in doggie years anyway!! To us he is just three and still a little cheeky devil. We love him so much and really could not do without him. He is my boy…

P1180236 P1180210

Today was another roaster.I am actually starting to think this may be the apocalypse…it has never been this hot in Scotland for this long!! I can’t complain though, it is lovely to have an actual summer!

P1180213 P1180216 P1180220 P1180223 P1180224 P1180229 P1180228 P1180231 P1180232 P1180237 P1180238 P1180240 P1180247 P1180248 P1180252 P1180253 P1180257


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