Well it was bound to happen, I have now acclimatized to the heat and am now dreading it going away!!! Which of course being Scotland it inevitably will have to 😦 Waah! Every time I hear someone  complain about the sun and asking for rain I am like, ‘SSSShhhhh!!! Don’t say that!! This is the best summer ever!’ One of the reasons I think this is the best summer ever is that is is warm enough for me to go swimming with the dogs! I was loving splashing around with my guys at both Cramond Beach and The Braid yesterday. Its lovely to be in the water, I just love wild swimming anyway. It is made even better when you can play with dogs at the same time! I did get some odd looks from the public yesterday, ‘What? Have you never seen a lady swimming with four dogs before? You know you wanna jump in here and cool down with us!’ Hehehe 😀

Geena enjoying the water…

P1180260 P1180258 P1180261 P1180262 P1180263

Hamish having a paddle…

P1180265 P1180269 P1180263

Yey, swimming! I’m coming in too guys 😀

P1180273 P1180274 P1180278 P1180281 P1180276

Gus says, ‘This is how friggin hot it is today!!’ Audible sizzle……

P1180282 P1180286 P1180289

Lochey enjoying a good old splash around!

P1180290 P1180292 P1180291

As long as there is water this is GORGEOUS weather! And long may it continue!!!



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