Here comes the rain…

Sigh, I miss the sun already!! It has not been the most ideal photography weather this last week, and this week has started out much the same 😦 I guess it would be too much to hope for that the rain clouds will give way to more glorious sunshine by the end of this week…..this is much more the Scottish ‘summer’ weather we are used too sadly!

The doggies and I have been out braving the rain for the most part. But we have also called it quits quite a few of the afternoons when there really was a super heavy downpour in progress!! WE opted instead for some lovely treats and play/nap time in Auntie Andie’s house! Much better than getting soaked!

Hamish scoring the best bed in the livingroom…mine!


Hector not settling for anything less than my lap…


Kobi exploring the toy box.


What the heck is that face Gus?!!

P1180313 P1180315

I’ve decided (not surprisingly) that I like the bone you have Gus….Gus? Did you hear me??



P1180319 P1180321

Everyone on the sofa…

P1180326 P1180336 P1180338

Snuggle days with Winston…

P1180346 P1180347 P1180350 P1180351




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