Olly’s weekend in Biggar…

This weekend we took a trip out to visit our friends in the beautiful Scottish countryside and of course the whole family came along. We also had Olly with us yey! Olly divided his time between running around in the wilderness and snuggling up to anyone who would have him! He just craves human contact all the time! A big black panther he may be but he is all gooey and soft on the inside 😉

John and Olly playing ball in the back garden…

P1180360 P1180362 P1180366

Squishing himself onto the sofa beside our friend Charlotte….Olly needs cuddles….


Out exploring the surrounding forest tracks….

P1180369  P1180373 P1180375 P1180377 P1180378 P1180383 P1180389

After our walk we return back to our friends cottage for tea and home-made bread, yum!! Gus is a bit put out that none are heading his way… Pleeeeeeeaaaaase????



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