Borrowed sunshine…

Woohoo!! A little bit more sun today 🙂 We were very much enjoying the rays this morning and at lunch. Though my goodness the flies on Corstorphine Hill today!!! Aaaarrg!!! So many, we were constantly being swarmed by them. Not so fun. I wonder if the combination of lots of rain then sun has caused a hatching sensation… I even got bitten on the neck by a Horse Fly! When Noah was letting the animals in two by two surely he could have stopped the Horse Fly and said, ‘Eh….sorry your not on the list!’

Sun shining in The Dell…

P1180396 P1180398

Olly’s best biscuit face!


Smudge, you have so many seeds in your fur! If a watered them you might have a mini-forest growing out your face 😉

P1180405 P1180411 P1180412

This photo made me burst into laughter!! Hamish’s Hyena impression….

P1180415 P1180418

Kobi looking handsome :))


Hector’s best biscuit face!

P1180422 P1180423 P1180429 P1180425

Just as I finish writing this blog post I realize that only Olly is beside me on the sofa and so I go to see what the others are up too, and this is what I find….

Three sleeping doggies competing for the only patch of sunshine in the bedroom!!



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