Busy Friday and everyone is happy!

It really was a beautiful day yesterday and so I thought one last day of photos before my faithful camera goes in for some TLC and a good cleaning! I love blue skies with fluffy white clouds….


Olly and Molly tearing it up…

P1180482 P1180483 P1180484 P1180485 P1180487

Hector giving his girlfriend Ella a wee kiss!

P1180488 P1180491

My my Molly, that is a lot of seeds on your face haha!


Kings (and Queen!) of the castle 😀

P1180497 P1180495 P1180494 P1180501

Olly looking confused by Gus…

P1180503 P1180509 P1180510

Lenny at the top of Blackford Hill…

P1180511 P1180513 P1180517

Winston with his stolen ball looking mighty pleased with himself! We got it back to the original owner after this shot 🙂 It was worth a try aye Winston!



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