Colin and Maude….

Hello everyone! Sorry for that week long pause there in blog posts. Sadly we are no closer to having my camera fixed…boo… BUT my wonderful Dad has leant me his little Lumix for the week, YEY!!

Everyone meet Colin! Colin is a very stocky Patterdale Terrier and he is in one word….awesome. He is ‘The Dude’.  Slotted right into the pack, made friends with everyone we met and was even off lead in record time with perfect recall.  He was a legend in the car also, giving me little welcome kisses every time I returned from dropping off another dog. What a charmer!  Welcome buddy, I think you will be very happy with us!

P1030943 P1030945 P1030946 P1030949 P1030950 P1030948 P1030951 P1030954 P1030956 P1030959 P1030962

I would also like to welcome back Maude-Monster!!! WOOHOO!!!! Aww so happy to have this wee madam back walking with us after her holidays. She was very much missed. Here she is playing in the water. No one ever explained to Maud that Bulldogs are apparently not supposed to like the water….



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