Wizz Kids….

Still very much getting used to my Dads camera, there are some very funny shots in the bunch today!! Every one was wizzing around so fast the camera couldn’t quite cope haha! I have to say though, it may be poor photography but i like the blurry speedy ones! Some of them are hysterical!

Molly,’ Come on Mum…’


Colin’s piercing eyes…



P1030978 P1030990 P1030982 P1030987

Molly being chased by devil dogs! hehe…


How beautiful is it here, easily my favourite spot in Edinburgh…

P1030993 P1030999

Ready for some sun and frolics Kobi?

P1040006 P1040007

Maude-Monster has just become instantly one of the gang xx

P1040011 P1040013 P1040015

Water plough….

P1040016 P1040017

Winston in his element!

P1040018 P1040020

Wee-man prefers to watch 🙂



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