Quick its sunny! To the beach!

Ahhhh….Cramond 🙂 So pretty! Archie and Geena are so excited that the tide is in. “Yes!! Swimming!!”

P1040079 P1040081

Molly is not encouraged and is keeping dry…not like her!


Archie get Gus in on the action!


Don’t these faces say it all!! “We love swimming, we love swimming, we love swimming….”

P1040087 P1040089 P1040090 P1040095

Having a rest…

P1040097 P1040091

Lochey the Lion on Blackford Hill where we are hoping the rain clouds will hold off!


Lots of rabbit trails to sniff out….


Tired already Lochey?? Haha your having me on!

P1040108 P1040111 P1040112

Kisses?? What a lovable bear xx



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