‘Boo’ to the rain…

It certainly hasn’t been the nicest of days, rain and fog. Still we manage to have fun….somehow!!

Spooky woods….

P1190336 P1190337

There is usually an epic few from this field haha!


The mushrooms seem to enjoy the weather though, so pretty!

P1190348 P1190355 P1190367 P1190368 P1190371 P1190374

Glittering spider-webs…


Back at home cosy and warm on the sofa. Gus’s butt obviously makes a good pillow hahaha!



Snot Zombie…

Ugg….first cold of the season and I feel like a snot filled zombie :S

Couldn’t ask for better dogs to spend my sick morning with though, they all had the perfect opportunity to run riot with my brain and body not functioning at full capacity! But instead the sweethearts basically chaperoned me around the walks, keeping a close eye on me and giving me kisses at every opportunity. Bless…..I was not so sick though that I could not appreciate what a beautifully stunning morning it was up on Blackford Hill. And where did this heat come from!? Ok it’s not 30 degrees (thank goodness) but the we are definitely experiencing summer’s last breath I feel. Enjoying it while it lasts!

Now at home wrapped up and on the Beechams Gus, Molly and Elvi are lying next to me and across my feet keeping me warm. There is just no other way to say it……DOG ARE AWESOME!!!

Sniff, sniff…… x


Elvi enjoying the view….

P1190296 P1190298

Colin photo-bombing Ella and Winston’s shot hehe ๐Ÿ™‚


Tongues out!


Cocoa blocking Colin’s head shot for a kiss!


Cocoa you couldn’t look any more mental if you tried haha!

P1190305 P1190306

Nom, nom, nom….frisbee tastes good!


Elvi enjoying a roll down the hill….


“Andie you’re not looking too good, how about another kiss??”


Coming back to check on me again, sweethearts!

P1190313 P1190316


Sweet faces…

P1190318 P1190319 P1190320 P1190321

Winston loves his swimming ๐Ÿ™‚

P1190325 P1190326


We had some very wet walks this week, definitely the time of year now for everyone to purchase a little waterproof for their pooches.

I have had people in the past ask why dog-coat is necessary, after all they are dogs and should be able to cope with being outside right?

My reason for being pro dog-coats (especially a waterproof one) is as follows; all dogs are different and have different hair and fur types, some of which provide great protection from the elements. Cocoa (Spaniel/collie cross) and Murphy (Irish Terrier) for example have fantastic coats that withstand water extremely well. On the flip side Smudge’s coat (poodle cross) provides no protection from water as it soaks it up like a sponge! ย A dogs shaking action dispels water very efficiently from their coats and this is designed to help them prevent against hypothermia. However once again the shaking actions efficiency depends on the coat type, when Murphy shakes he is pretty much dry! When Smudge shakes there is little to no difference. Regardless of how good your dogs natural coat is or not at protecting them against the weather, if they are out in the rain walking for an hour there are very few dogs who would not become soaked to the skin, and of course shaking provides no relief if they are still out in the rain.

I would like to stress carefully this hasย nothingย to do with your dog being ‘tough’ or not! You cannot make your dog ‘tougher’ by walking them in horrendous weather without helping them stay warm. ‘What about working dogs?’ I hear you ask. Well on top of being bred for generations to have natural coats that withstand tough weather conditions there is also the following to consider….

When dogs are running around their body temperature rises, just like a persons would, and so whilst on the walk and activeย (for example working cattle as a working collie would) they are less likely to get or feel cold. However as soon as they stop they very quickly become cold and with soaking wet fur they would not be able to control their body temperature which would begin to drop. Once again this is very similar to people, everyone at one stage in their lives will have been caught out in the rain when on a walk/run/hike etc. What’s the first thing we do to get warm once we have stopped? Get out of our soaking wet clothes! But our dogs don’t have that option. With working dogs on top of the fact that they have been bred to have coats that withstand the elements they are also usually returned to a dry kennel with other dogs. They would then huddle together and the combined heat of their bodies would dry their coats and prevent hypothermia (there are obviously many working dog situations, that is just one scenario). Despite it’s breed if your dog does not come from a long line of working dogs, but rather lines that have been chosen for being good pets, then the reality is that it is very unlikely that any consideration has been given to how weather proof their natural coats are!!

Dog groomers are also very careful to dry dogs quickly and efficiently once they have been bathed, to prevent them becoming too cold.

In the end no matter how hardy your dog is, no matter what their breed, a simple waterproof coat that protects the majority of their body from the worst of the rain will go miles in helping your dog keep warm during the worst weather. And come on people, we live in Scotland! Buckets of rain and cold weather is kinda on the agenda for the majority of the year, so why wouldn’t you go that little bit further to help them stay warm.

Obviously there are breeds that in reality need very little to absolutely no help from us. Husky’s or Akita’s instantly spring to mind! Out of all my dogs I have to say that I think only Murphy (Irish Terrier) and Colin (Patterdale Terrier) have the kind of natural coats that would protect them for long periods of time out in the pouring cold rain! For everyone else, a little simple waterproof would go a long way.

I have posted on facebook page this week about the two simple inexpensive coats I would recommend. Please see the link below to read more;


P1190257 P1190256 P1190258

Smudge in his onesie (http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_clothing/waterproof/248453)


Elvis and Hugo having a ball!

P1190265 P1190266

Raarrr!!! I may be 13 but I can still catch you young pup!


Love this photo!


Was that good fun Elvi? ๐Ÿ˜€ Good girl x


Hamish in his borrowed coat, its a little big so I had to tuck it into his collar to stop it slipping down. Hamish wears it like a champ.

P1190272 P1190273

Looking out over a very wet Edinburgh!


Bit wet are we Archie!


Maud being a good poser for the camera. She is such a good model!

P1190279 P1190281

Wee man Hector negotiating through the puddles…

P1190285 P1190287 P1190289

Kobi, every inch the strong, healthy and athletic Frenchie! Love it, love it, love it!


Slobber chops!


Last week’s shenanigans…

Just a quick catch up with last week’s walkies! Play time, shenanigans and water frolics!

P1190180 P1190182 P1190184

Someone’s been swimming!

P1190186 P1190187 P1190190 P1190191 P1190192

Archie’s found a choice stick!

P1190196 P1190198

Typical Maud pose ๐Ÿ˜€

P1190201 P1190202 P1190203 P1190204 P1190208

Ella playing with Archie and Gena…

P1190214 P1190216 P1190217

Camping in Largs at the weekend with Smudge, Cocoa, Gus and Molly. It was a great day on Saturday, then on Sunday torrential rain had us running for home!!


Tuesday and Wednesday, drizzly days…

The weather continues to keep up on our toes! Swinging for drizzle and damp to sunny spells and blue skies. I will have my whole wardrobe in my car soon haha! An outfit to change into at any given time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yesterday at The Dell we met with Milo and Cocoa, two Jackapoos who look very very like our Smudge! Though they are shorter legged. I had to take this photo as it was just too funny. Milo has hit ‘that age’ and has taken a shine to Smudge! Everytime Smudge came near Milo was attached to his back! Smudge never even told him off, it was so funny to see Smudge mounted by a mini-Smudge hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

P1190127 P1190129

The rain clouds parting to show blue skies…time to strip off the layers again!

P1190132 P1190133

Hector is back after his holiday! Yey!!


Maud and Cocoa Bean playing….


An end of the walk biscuit treat, yum!


Hugo back with us again today, I am sure in another few weeks he will answer to Rocket (his nickname with us!) as I call him it on the walk so often. He is a whirlwind kinda guy ๐Ÿ˜€


Happy happy happy happy happy happy…..

P1190149 P1190156

Cocoa loves Winston’s red frisbee! Though today I had to wade in the river to retrieve it for her as unlike Winston she is rubbish at getting it out from underneath the water! Wet trainers….


Molly has a mini-me!!! This is Buster who is with another dog walker we meet often at Blackford Hill. So cute together!!

P1190165 P1190167 P1190171

Tight crew ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย And introducing Elvis (L.V. for short!) who is a very young 13 year old lady. She did great on the walks today, for an elderly doggie she still has plenty of spring in her step! It is VERY rare for me to take out 6 doggies, my pack usually has a five dog limit. However Elvis was with us today for a trial and it was great for her to be out with such a great group of dogs who I trust completely!


Back at home out of the rain and it is most definitely snooze o’clock….ZZZZZzzzzzzzz